PEAK Coaching

If you’re looking to:

  • 5x your productivity and work on the tasks that move you forward, without overwhelm or burnout,
  • develop communication, leadership, and influencing skills,
  • build better habits,
  • increase your emotional wellbeing,
  • increase your confidence and courage,
  • get business support to keep everything organized and working smoothly (processes, marketing, social media, tech), while creating clients,
  • balance life, business, and health,
  • get clear on what you need to do to achieve your goals - and do it!

welcome to PEAK, my year-long 1 to 1 coaching program, combining life, business, and High Performance Coaching for you to HAVE IT ALL.

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The focus of PEAK

In the 12 months spent together, you’ll master all 3 areas of PEAK:

  • Life
  • Business
  • High Performance

It's ok if you'd rather focus on only one area, though you'll always create positive results in all 3 through the ripple effect of your work.


You can bring any issue to your coaching calls.

I will listen to you and help you...

  • cope with stress
  • develop better habits to improve all aspects of your life,
  • let go of worry
  • improve your relationships
  • be an intentional parent and partner
  • make time for your hobbies
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Support, mindset, and strategies for your small business.

Through our coaching and the access to the Business Class course, you will be able to…

  • have a social media strategy that works and doesn’t leave you frustrated and overwhelmed
  • setup tech systems and automations that save time
  • build an engaged email list that will happily buy when you run sales campaigns
  • improve your messaging and copywriting so people resonate with your content
  • let go of beliefs that keep you from growing your business
  • learn non-sleazy persuasion techniques you can use to have people believe in you, invest in you, buy from you, follow you.
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High Performance

Stand out through confidence and high-quality work.

You’ll learn tools, develop habits, and be coached in order to

  • plan effectively,
  • 5x your productivity,
  • increase your courage and confidence,
  • develop your communication, leadership and influence skills,
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The PEAK Philosophy

You’ll get to uplevel your life, your business, your relationships, and your health (physical and mental).

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You'll find the perfect routines for you to never have to hustle and burn out. We'll work on a deep belief that it's possible to have the impact and success you desire without overwhelm or overworking.

You’ll steadily go up, while implementing habits for rest and renewal, so you can enjoy your accomplishments instead of being too tired to celebrate them.

bottles from a lab showing the connection with scientific research

As part of PEAK, you'll get access to tools and strategies from High Performance Coaching. HPC is based on scientific research that measures and validates the habits and systems that shape a top performer.

The main 6 elements of HPC are:







Get the results you want, or you get your money back at the end of the year we spend together.

Most people live ordinary lives, never reaching their true potential. Lives filled with “I wish I coulds”, “but what ifs”, and B-minus work. But you are not "most people".

If you...

  • have above average results when compared to your peers
  • set and achieve goals
  • are a bit of a perfectionist
  • go deep into learning whenever you have a new passion
  • are obsessed with personal development
  • have a small business

Then I'd love to work with you.

Thank you so much for each week of coaching. I feel like each week showed me a different way in which I can improve and pushed me to think of ways to do so. I got so much out of it, not just from a business perspective but you helped me change the limiting beliefs I had in all areas of my life.

I am still using the things you taught me, still improving. It was great having you to hold me accountable, it motivated me to do things that I wouldn’t usually. I have changed during and since our sessions and I am so grateful for the habits you shared, the chats, and advice. If any one is wondering if to book Andreea my advice is go for it, you will be glad you did! She gives her all. It's pretty amazing how she takes your blocks and shows you how and why they are in fact opportunities to grow.

— Lisa.

About your coach

Andreea Sandu

I’m Andreea, Certified High Performance Coach, and for the past 5 years I’ve been obsessed with learning about habits, productivity, and leadership.

While still working in software, I became passionate about fitness and started a blog. Little did I know that I will fall in love with business and turn that blog into a revenue stream. After monetizing it through affiliate marketing and a brand collaboration with adidas, I decided to change careers and trained as a Yoga teacher.

I left a high paying job to be an entrepreneur. I owned and managed an online Yoga membership and a coaching business.

In the online space, I successfully sold memberships, 1 to 1 coaching, group coaching, courses, workshops, and I can’t wait to teach you to do the same.

I offer my clients exactly what I wish I had when I started - full attention, feedback, support, accountability, apart from teaching them the skills they need.

As a CHPC, I coached an Olympic athlete, a rocket scientist, and several corporate leaders and business owners. High performers love high performance coaching - join them!

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"You are such a fabulous coach, Andreea! I have been reminded so many times lately of the transformations I had because I got to work with you! I am so thankful for you and your gift of coaching! 🧡"

- Anonymous

"Andreea is an amazing life coach, her style and ability to listen and see the real me was so encouraging. Working with here 1 on 1 was the best experience and gave me a real insight to me."

- Amanda

"Working with Andreea through the business program has been exactly what I wanted and needed for my coaching business.

I loved having regular access to her to ask questions and get her honest and constructive feedback.

Her knowledge about each of the aspects we talked about was impressive and I felt supported by her throughout this entire process. I’ve already made my investment back and I’m not even finished with the program! "

- Katrina, on the Business Class course (which you would get access to)

"Positivity is certainly key to Andreea's message, but also understanding yourself and how you see yourself. This might seem a bit spiritual but her approach is so practical and well-organised it just makes perfect sense."

- Jackie, on the planning workshop that would you get access to

"What a wonderful fulfilling experience. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for this. Andreea was a great supportive coach with lots of knowledge and encouragement and the rest of the group were such supportive cheerleaders! Thank you! I’m now armed with some fab tools to help me keep up my good habits 😀 "

- Carly, on the Building Better Habits group coaching program; you get access to the recording as part of PEAK

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose PEAK?

You get life coaching, business coaching, and High Performance Coaching so you'll have a qualified mentor for a full year, helping you in all areas of your life. It's what I wish I had when I started.

You will get both strategy and mindset, and the level of support that will help you implement all the changes that will move you forward.

Who’s PEAK for?

If you are a small business owner, or consider yourself a high-achiever or high-potential individual, then this might be for you. Book a discovery call to discuss it.

Who is PEAK not for?

This is deep work. To achieve high levels of performance, you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone and take action. If you’re not ready for such a commitment, or you’re not open to coaching, then this is not for you.

How much does it cost?

The price for the full year is £5000.

Payment plans are available if needed.

What do I get when I sign up?

1. Weekly calls with me and access to all my paid content.

2. Unlimited access to me in between sessions via chat.

Isn't 12 months a long time?

I chose this length because I know it's in your best interest. The clients who got the best results committed to this time and went through the ups and downs of a year with full support when they needed it the most.

I'm here to get you results.

Want to have a chat and see if we're a match to work together?

Tell me, how would life look like in 12 months if you 5x’ed your productivity, worked on the projects that matter, had more energy, more courage, confidence, or greater people skills? What if your work would become A+ work? What if you focused on your growth for a full year?

Let's do this.